Churches Together in England

What is Churches Together in England? In 1990 four ecumenical ‘instruments’ were created in Britain and Ireland to enable churches to relate to each other in shared witness to Jesus Christ, shared exploration of faith and belief and for mutual support and encouragement.

Churches Together in England is one of these and plays its part in supporting and encouraging relationships at a national level. Churches Together at a county and large city level and at a more local level in neighbourhoods are also supported and encouraged, although there is no structural relationship between the various organisations.

This is a family of shared faith and witness expressed in a variety of ways. It stretches beyond the UK into Europe Conference of European Churches and COMECE fulfill a similar role. The World Council of Churches carries an even wider brief.

The family does not only express the faith it shares within these structures. There are also many Christian organisations which have been created around particular themes or issues where people from the churches work in a naturally ecumenical way. These are Bodies in Association with the ecumenical instruments and add much to the rich mix that is the Christian Church.